The Irish Association was established in 2010 and is the only trade association representing self storage operators interests in the country.  The association seeks to promote best practice and facilitate the sustainable growth of this growing alternative asset based industry.

Nationally, there are approximately 45 primary self storage facilities, plus further container based self storage businesses.  The bulk of the market is around Dublin, however there is a growing market in regional cities and towns.  There is currently primary self storage in 15 Irish counties with container storage in another 10.  The Irish Self Storage association does not represent container based self storage operators, only purpose built por converted buildings used for self storage that comply with the European Standard for self storage.

The Association is closely aligned with the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA) and also collaborates with the Self Storage Association UK.  As the industry matures, our membership continues to grow and with this growth, we are able to provide more services and benefits in support of our members.